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Blood Dragon Private Server

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Blood Dragon Info:
4 years ago.. there was a terrible war raging across the land...The fighting was brutal and many slain..Werror and destruction be fell upon the land as evil cling to almost every life in its gasps..Within the darkest hour, heroes rise and fall, hardships endured and fellowship grew strong..So at last, Pan039Gu, the god of the realm ended the great war and brought peace throughout the land..As peace flourish the great war was long forgottened..Untill now..Tensions grew among the races and the alliance that was once held them togeher, broken..now.. The evils that was once defeated began to show signs..Corupping most of the living into their sides one by one..Those who was once thier greatest allies became their worst enemies and long forgotten rivals emerges..The demons are moving once again..So as Pan039Gu, God of the realm became aware, assemble his greatest guild master.From every corner of the world and those who are once heroes of the forgottened past emerge..New faces arrive to lend his aid.Finally.. Pan039Gu formed the Angels, a powerful force with only one purpose.. to counter the threat and to defend justice.The storms are comming.. A new war has begun..-Edited by Teresa-Supervise by KhatyDescription of the Game6 Guild new game play purpose Guild AngelsRule Nr1 obey to your GMRule Nr2 protect the weakRule Nr3 subject demonsRule Nr4 Conquered all landsGuild DeamonsRule Nr1 obey to your GMRule Nr2 KIll the weakRule Nr3 subject AngelsRule Nr4 Conquered all lands Guild HumansRule in this Guild will enter just the human raceGuild ElfsRule: In this Guild will enter just the Elf raceGuild UntemedRule In this Guild will enter just the beastGuild OutsidersRule No rulesAnd all this race obey the game rule

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