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Devastation Perfect World Private Server

Xtreme PvP Server running 1.5.1 New Horizons - 40,000x EXP - Completely Free Item mall gold - Community Driven Server - Latest Server Files - Over 5 years of PW hosting - Unique Custom Fashion+Flights+Mounts - Over 130,000 Accounts - Active staff and support - Daily Custom events - No OP donations

Devastation Perfect World Info:
Devastation PW -Your Extreme PvP is our bread and butter.Rates:300,000x EXP Rate50000x Money Rate5,000x SP RateCompletely Free item mall with pretty much everything inside it.24/7 active GMs/support GMs.Weekly patches, Actually updates new content way before the offical server does, alot faster than any other server around.Groundbreaking development team that even makes and releases some of the stuff other servers use.Fastest paced PvP and Guild Vs Guild battles around.Daily dungeon events and Daily GM events.PvP rating and scoring system.Strong community of Rivalry and Friendship.Donations that only make you look better or give you access to previously impossible features (gender change, same marriage). Nothing over-powered.Statistics:100,000 characters registered in our server.Server specs - 16GB RAM 8 Core Linux server on 1GB/s connection hosted in Europe.Auto-Patcher and Auto-nirvana, get into the action now

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