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PW:EuBo v3 Private Server

PW:EuBo MMORPG game server, free pk, free cubigold (startertpoint), new systems, custom weapon, leveling system, e-point system, etc.

PW:EuBo v3 Info:
...:::INTRODUCTION OF PW:EUBO:::...This server originally hosted at Europe but it was linked up with Malaysian Provider. Our project leader is MarHazK who run this server at the first, then supported with his European partnership, man2ouche from European Network Provider, .This server has supported up with 6 experience and motivative players Zenn, durst, SenA, NaMi, Nightwolf, Sharoness. They are currently our helper but on Beta, they will become our official game moderators (also known as or term of GM). Our helpers can assists any players either new players or experience players. Eubopoint issues are under MarHazK controls and soon all these game moderators have access for it.All systems was originally under PW-Uweb Project by MarHazK (Completely written by him). We also have Starterpoint System, Weekly Eubopoint System, Daily Event System, Promoter ID System and many others. Each systems can satisfy players and make their dreams come true.Since this server was Close Alpha version, we only have several countries online such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillippines and USA. Nowadays, we have a lots of friendly and experiences players and helpers. We have players from USA, Denmark, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Singapore and many others.We will always up to date with this details everydays, make sure dont forget to vote us by . Also, more details can be found at ...:::HISTORY:::..28-10-08Announced as PK Server13-10-08Server is now completely under upgrading09-10-08Currently testing our servers30-08-08Server officially launched under Open Alpha version since lots of players.01-06-08Server officially launched under Close Alpha version.01-04-08Tested01-02-08Server project has been started26-06-09Server relaunched with v3 edition01-07-09Server is upServer is originally coded and running by MarHazK under EuropeChat Network Provider and HazliCyber Corp Hi-Tech.

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