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Legacy of Anarchy Private Server

Our server is unique. Most everything is in gshop and merchandizers. 1 cubi items, and cheap merchandizers. (WE DO NOT WANT DONATIONS. PLAY FOR FREE) well balanced game fast leveling, decent gold, nice drops. See for yourself.

Legacy of Anarchy Info:
Gamerz Den... We have been around for a while. With several different servers under our belt. We are responsible for the launching of several other ubuntu servers. We have become a home for private servers, and original game developers. We encourage individuals to work toether to develop, interact, and share their ideas to evolve and grow into the next era of super gaming. A place where people can come together and hang out and be themselves. Gamerz Den is a laid back community of people world wide, that supports all languages, and all sorts. GDO supports fps, mmorpg, rts, and console games. Come help us grow, and build.

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