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Dekaron Armageddon Private Server

Full english server Action 6 version x1000 with 3 channels New maps and weapons War and PVP Events Automatic rebirth system Powered Data Center hosted in USA GM039s online 24/7 99,9 server uptime No lag No dc JOIN TO ARMAGEDDON NOW

Dekaron Armageddon Info:
Our site is temporarily closed for reconstruction but the server is online The 800 people who already register can play normally.If you want to play with us, please send e-mail to supportdekaron-armageddon or gm.drayerathdekaron-armageddonAnd you will get all the information about the game by email. (register, donations, support, links for download, etc).The data center continues with the same characteristics described.Thank you.[GM]DrayerathHistoryIn the world039s infancy, there were two great powers striving to annihilate each other. Chaos spawned 039darkness039 and Cosmos gave birth to 039light039. In order to establish a balance in the world, Cosmos then created 039space039 and Chaos filled it with 039time039. Through this constant cycle, Chaos and Cosmos brought about the beginning of the universe. As they continued to gather their powers, they begot Trieste, the immortal land. Now, the prophecy most feared by all living beings for millennia is about to start. Now, the destiny of the lands of Trieste is uncertain. In a world enlightened by the moon Ricchez, Kalizio Vacshu awakened an ancient demonic entity: Karon, the Demon Emperor and his deadly army of monsters were freed. The gates of the underworld were opened, and no one, not even Kalizio himself could control them. Then Miseria, the moon that presages destruction and death came to be seen clearly in the sky of the lands of Trieste, announcing the start of a terrible battle: The Armageddon.Kalizio, in his last attempt to close the portals of the underworld, just killed in battle. However, before losing his life, he called the greatest warriors of Trieste and sealed Karon again. Even exile, Karon is now aware of the existence of the world of Trieste and his fury is about to fall on innocent people.It039s a time of sacrifice. It039s a last moment of hope. With powerful weapons and arcane disciplines, the last humans survivors joined and established a final resistance against the beginning of Armageddon, and this resistance is now known as DEKARON - The Fight Against Karon.Are you ready to resist this battleGame Information

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