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Fussion Dekaron Private Server


Fussion Dekaron Info:
Fussion dekaron.This all started as a friends-only project, but when I saw other dekaron private servers, I just felt that they were missing something. Either they were run by kiddos, or people with zero knowledge, I039m not a pro myself but I have a few tricks. Then I bought a dedicated server, and started working on it. I managed to get the server up in some days, then looked for some GMS. Found out 2 guys that are truly awesome. Sneaux and Psycho. Both great persons and awesome staff.We started to advertise in ragezone and stuff, we got a few people interested and now our server is starting to grow steady.I plan to get this for long, as I have fun coding and stuff, managing a community of people, and just give them the best service I can.I hope people join as I can guarantee is an awesome experience.My best wishes,SphirexAdministrator.

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