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Opticraft 1.7.8 smp.opticraft 1.7.8 Private Server

Opticrafts Officials SMP Server. [Minecraft 1.7.8 - Latest] [Economy] [Market] [Chest protection] [Land protection] [Lag free] [Friendly and helpful Staff] [Survival] [PvP]. This is opticrafts official SMP server, give it a go

Opticraft 1.7.8 smp.opticraft 1.7.8 Info:
Opticraft SMP is a free to play multiplayer minecraft survival server.It is a relatively new server, although we have had our extremely popular and successful creative classic server online for well over a year now.Our server has an antigrief system, land protection, chest protection, massive world, very little lag, no player sap, dedicated host, towns and city039s, economy, a market place, and much, much more available to our users.If this sounds like something you may be interested in, come check us out at

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