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Legend Of Mir DarkRealm Private Server

DarkRealm has a very stable community and updates every week The server is not run on donations.It has a unique subscription system which some players choose to take.Theres new quests maps/mobs as well as a unique rebirth system.

Legend Of Mir DarkRealm Info:
Dark Realm is a multiplayer online role playing game situated in an oriental style 2D game.Together with your friends you take control over 3 different classes in an attempt to conquer your enemies.Monsters will stand in your way but with your guild and a unique pet rental system you will defeat the Threat and gain special items.Log on to the game and select from 3 classes:-A Taoist whose power i submissive to no one. This special healing race it a most powerful foe and takes Amazing Zen power to master.A Mystical Wizard whose damage is second to none. Ranged attacks are no problem with this class and is known Threw out Mir as a massive power leveling class with amity to create chaosA brutal damage dealing meat shield known only as the Warrior is by far the most brutal damage dealers of all.There power is easy to master probably the easiest to learn.Dark Realm benefits from an in game mailing system that allows you to keep in contact with your friend

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