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ReignOfBlood - Free Vampire RPG Private Server

Reign Of Blood is a free vampire browser based roleplaying game. Take the role of a vampire and compete against thousands of other vampires in one of the top voted free online vampire browser games. Play now, for free

ReignOfBlood - Free Vampire RPG Info:
ReignOfBlood (Reign Of Blood) Is a free vampire based online game/MMORPG. StoryYou awaken in front of a city unaware of your surroundings. Climbing to your feet you notice a sign, quotThis way to Dead Cityquot it reads in a eerie way. You know something is different about you. You know this is not a world you are familiar with. Though as you try to grasp the situation you realize you have no past memory of what has happen, leaving you with no choice but to venture forth to the ominous Dead City. Enter a world like none you have experienced before. A world recovering from a great war, a world once ruled by many but now dragged into a state of anarchy. Discover the dark past of Dead City, live through the pressing times of the present and create the future of all Kindred. You may not know your own past, you may not know much about the world of vampires but destiny is calling, leaving you with no choice but to answer to its call.Short IntroWelcome to Reign of Blood where the unsuspecting mortal becomes the most feared of Night.s children a vampire. Here you must keep your wits about you and train hard, for the Dead City is a deadly place, even for those Unliving. Grow stronger, swifter, and tougher, or be swallowed by the legions of the mighty. The Great Covens have been fighting since before the count of time... The Great Covens have been fighting since before the count of time, and here their battle continues to rage. Join them to become stronger, but chose with care, for the memories of the Immortal are long, and betrayal not likely forgotten or forgiven. Explore an open setting and limitless options for development and advancement. But, beware Immortality does not come without its price.

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