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Elundra Soma 2008 Private Server

Opens Wednesday 19th Nov 2008.-3X leveling rates for a long term, balanced server.-5X crafting rates-2x Barr Rates-See Site for more ) -Dedicated server

Elundra Soma 2008 Info:
Elundra Soma ServerHi everyone, let me introduce to you: Elundra somaMyth of Soma is a 2D isometric MMORPG. It was one of the earliest graphic driven MMO039s and paved the way for more modern familiar games such as World of Warcraft and Warhammer online. Its unique leveling system which deviates from the traditional class system allows you to level each stat individually at any point. A range of weapons are available, along with three schools of magic allow for massive variation in how a character is leveled and provides a flexible and enjoyable game with no limits Open pvp with a moral system and no level cap allows strong competition among players as well as a strong guild led community.We intend to bring a realistic alternative to high rate short term servers by providing a professional high quality server, with low rates.It is common knowledge that the faster your rates, the shorter time your server will last, and the less balanced it becomes (200 dex cap issues anyone). We intend to introduce the following features (more details can be found on our website/forum):Elundra features a unique advance on the traditional soma server. Dsoma has been replaced by converting the devil lands into a pk039er homeworld, complete with a full town. This will allow for events facing off the forces of good against of evil in a balnaced and sustainable way.[COLORquotRedquot]-3X leveling rates for a long term, balanced server.-5X crafting rates-New hunting areas taking advantage of the use of more maps, with the dungeon being compeltly revamped to be a viable leveling spot.-Unique GM led events.-New quests.-A rebalance of drops and items, now things you are fighting will drop things useful to you now as well as things useful to you in a week time-Dedicated server[/COLOR]Another major feature of Elundra is we initially will NOT be releasing Dsoma. Instead of this we will be converting the devil maps into a quotpker homeworldquot compelte with pandi being revamped into quotvantage pointquot a fully functional devil town with no guards. This will allow for the pvp element lost by dropping Dsoma to be replaced by more intense human vs human pvp. this will also allow us to focus 100 of our efforts on making Hsoma better and more balanced, without having to split attention. This is not to say Dsoma will NEVER be released, but on our release date, Dsoma will be disabled.We do not yet have an exact ETA, but we are predicting a release at the end of november/early december. For more info, and to contribute please see our website at:Regards,Elundra Team

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