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ETERNAL Perfect World Private Server

1.3.9 with little to no lag. This server has hardly any bugs, a great support staff and many events and items for the players. With (400x100x100x400x rates) New Maps, New Quests, New Adventures, Molders in NPC, Nien Beast amp Bad Panda.

ETERNAL Perfect World Info:
Fun and friendly community - great GM support - no lag - and new NPC molders added.New Bad Panda Mount And Nien Beast Mounts.we hope you enjoy your stay with us, and please don039t forget to vote to support us.current rates are 400x100x100x400x with exp bonuses once per week, we hope you come play with us and enjoy your time in ETERNAL PW.Machine is a duel Xeon at 3.0ghz 100mb dedicated connection with 8gigs of ram.quotETERNAL PW FTWquot

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