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ReTRoN 2.3 HIGH RATE Private Server

ReTRoN 2.3 High Rate x 100 EXP, SubClass System, Elemental Castle Boost, Last Man Standing, New Weapons, New Armours, New Items, New Maps, Over 60 Lords to challenge you and average usercount of 50-80.

ReTRoN 2.3 HIGH RATE Info:
ReTRoN MiR 2 is a massive online multiplayer role-playing game based in a mysterious Oreintal-style world.In ReTRoN you can be a powerful warrior and develope your ability in close combat, a skilled wizard with a whole set of spells or a mystic taoist provided with inner spirituals powers.Thousands of users can play together in the challenging world of Mir, which allows you to access numerous levels as you become stronger, to explore dangerous dungeons and fantastic cities and to create powerful guilds.ReTRoN is a new private Legend Of Mir Server that is x 100 EXP and has many new features includeing new kits, monters and unique leveling areas, unique sublclass system, elemental sabuk boost, new pet system, ReTRoN Casino, Uniqur Rebirth system and has over 70 bosses to give you and your guild the ultimate challenge.

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