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SeeD-Battles Private Server

A free text-based RPG based upon the game 039Final Fantasy 8039 where users can start of as a cadet and slowly ascend through the ranks and unlock spells and under go quests to unlock Guardian Forces to use for good or for evil

SeeD-Battles Info:
The future is unclear, only you can decide your fate.Work your way up from the bottom to the top, battle GFs and other warriors. Become the best and train your stats to the max Fight your way to the top of the ranks and fight for your Garden, learn the ways of a warrior, train up GFs and gain your Limit Breaks. Learn to harness the Limit Break that has been bestowed upon you. The threat of Ultimacia is over, now, the threat of losing your Garden has risen. Protect your Garden and beat back rivalry competition Your Garden is dependant upon you but can you take the pressure Overcome fear Can you rise above all and create your own destiny Or do you lean towards fate This is the beginning of the journey, will you grasp it by the neck The safety of your Garden lies in your hands. This is the age of the SeeD-BattlesGood Luck, Your journey begins here...

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