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Dream For Fun Private Server

Rate: 125xExp 100xDrops.All green weapons Lv 15-105, All green sets 15-105,CS seller,24/7,less Lag,Scrolls,Pets,GM,Needs,New players get 1Billion Penya And many more things

Dream For Fun Info:
Welcome to DragonMS.In this game u will lv fast so fast and u even get lot and lot of mesos.When you get to lv 200 u could rebrith by the helping of GM and is the GM not there, then wait for a few days. If it took too long then post the maessage it at the forums.If u need to ask something ask someone at the game first, if they don039t know ask the GM. If they on.I guess GM well stay at the FM. Most of the time. So good luck playing it.

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