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.: Lineage ][ - Eminence :. Private Server

Brand New 4000x Interlude Max +16 Professional Design Extremely Customized Gameplay GvE Dungeon Helper Team Daily Events Great Community Live 01/11/09 You can039t miss it

.: Lineage ][ - Eminence :. Info:
Lineage ][ - EminenceOfficial FAQ
Q - I really want to play When the server will be upA - The server will be up the 1st of November, at 19.00 GMT.Q - Can I have some informations about the serverA - Yes you can. Just click .Q - At the 1st of December the Beta will startA - No, the server will be already on Live stage.Q - So, there won039t be any Beta stageA - Yes, but it will be a closed Beta where only a few chosen people will be able to login.Q - Can I apply to be a Beta testerA - No you can039t.Q - The server will be Gracia Final rightA - No, Interlude.Q - I want to be a GM Where can i applyA - You can039t apply for GM status. Instead, you can apply for the Helper039s Team. For more informations, refer to topic.Q - OMG With Custom armor i got same stats as S grade What can I doA - Custom equipment doesnt give any normal statistic like as P.Atk, etc. They have exacly the same stats as S grade.Q - Wich kind of bonuses does the custom armor give, thenA - Special bonuses that affects only PvP damage multipliers. This provides a balanced, fresh way of custom gameplay. And you039ll pwn a S grade so easy with same stats.Q - Can i see a preview of custom armorsA - Q - Why should we wait so long for the liveA - Waiting makes the final product better. And a bigger number of online players.Q - Why is your server different from othersA - Professional development, innovative ideas, powerful servers.Q - So many kind words, but no facts Why should I trust youA - Faith is the key.Q - Okay I039ll join Some questions, where can we farmA - You can farm Magic Fusions into our custom zones, Forest of Mirrors, and Mystical Dungeon. Also, you get one Magic Fusion for each PvP killl.Q - That means i can dualbox to farm PvPsA - No you can039t.Q - So, if you got protections, i will call some friends and farm PvPs with themA - Just try to, you will be surprised.Q - Okay, I will farm normally...by the way, what039s into ForestA - Forest is a large open farm area, designed for players who wants to solo farm. Q - What about DungeonA - Mystical Dungeon is where our GvE fights happens. You can kill other faction039s players to get a Magic Fusion. At the center of the Dungeon, there is an Epic Boss, wich is contested by both Factions for his valuable drop.Q - There are special mobs into the Farm ZonesA - Yes, those mobs have an advanced AI and uses special skill sets wich will challenge you.Q - I farmed some Magic Fusions What can I buyA - You can buy Eminence Armors, Jewels, Book of Nobility, Eminence Seal (underwear), Clan Skill items.Q - WTF is Book of NobilityA - By doubleclicking this item, you039re granted with Noblesse status. Q - Yay I039m a noblesse Now, how can I be a HeroA - You have to fight into the Olympiad, being the first of your class, have more than 9 matches, of wich at last one must be won. I know, it039s not easy to be a Hero.Q - How much does a Olympiad cycle lastsA - 2 weeks.Q - I want Hero skills on my subclasses too...is that possibleA - Yes, if you039re Hero for 4 or more times consecutively, you will get Hero skills on all your subclasses.Q - Hey, I got bored of that server What if I try an exploitA - Our core is protected against most of exploits, also we have got flood protectors on pretty much everything.Q - How much does Buffs lastsA - 2 hours for all Buffs. Some SelfBuffs have an increased duration, but not all.Q - How much Buffs can I haveA - You have 36 slots for Buffs and SelfBuffs.Q - Oh , I have been jailed and I didn039t do anything What039s wrongA - You said a bad word, 039fuck039. If you do that, you039re automatically jailed for 5 minutes.Q - Man that039s so annoying, why did you implement thatA - Because the jail is a PvP zone And you can get a Magic Fusion for every PvP made inside itQ - Yay My stats increased too while I039m inside the jailA - Exacly You get a bonus on your normal (not PvP) stats only when you039re inside the jail.

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