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Billy039s RolePlay Private Server

Completely Unique GTA SA:MP RolePlay Server Hosted by ServerFFS, Friendly Admins, Tons of Jobs and Activities - - See for yourself

Billy039s RolePlay Info:
Billy039s RolePlay is a GTA SA:MP Roleplaying server This GameMode is completely unique. You will find a tight-knit community with a caring and fun admin team - Billy039s Crew.We are hosted - the server is up 24/7 Thanks to your donationsServer InformationServer Name: Billy039s RolePlayServer IP: Host: ServerFFSServer Forum: Server IRC Channels: billy039s-rp and billy039s-rp.echoServer Type: RolePlayingServer Map: San Andreas RPServer GameMode: Completely UniqueActivities:- You can fish (catch, release, sell, cook, eat), get married, use /navigation to find where to go, play paintball against your friends (DM match), buy a lottery ticket, do missions such as Tow Truck, PizzaBoy, Xoomer (fuel export), Car Export, Products Export, and more - You can race on our drifting track, dirt bike track, or go-kart track against your friends or show off your cool tricks at our stunting dirt bike arena - Own or rent your own house and car or own your own business - Be a part of an Official Family with their own HQ or start your own - Contact your friends with your cell phone using /sms texting or just make a /call - Read the daily newspaper or watch the live evening news- Use the ATM machine or go to the bank- Eat at restaurants when you are hungry- Go sailing or flying- Donate to keep the server running and enjoy Donator Rewards - So much moreHave a fun job- some options are: Police Officer, National Guard, Hitmen, News Reporter, FBI, Paramedics, Taxi Service, Bus Service, Mayor, Lawyer, Mechanic, BodyGuard, , Drug Dealer, Gun Dealer, Car Dealer, Tow Trucker, Boxer, Detective, Paper Boy, Pizza Boy, and much moreNew additions are being added everyday - don039t miss out on this server

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