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Cabal Server powered by CabalToolz Private Server

Cabal Private Server Powered by CabalToolz, owned by : 300x Skill : 500x Craft : 50x Drop : 50x Alz : 50x

Cabal Server powered by CabalToolz Info:
Cabal Server by MMOwebsThis is server is Powered by CabalToolz the most powerful website interface for Cabal.About CabalLong ago people039s greed led the CABAL to cleanse the land. Amidst the devastation, seven great masters of Force Power led the survivors to rebuild.Now, almost a thousand years later, the CABAL is once again manipulating Evil fostering the child that would be king to once again cleanse the land. It is up to you to face the invaders of Nevareth, and uncover the conspiracy behind it...

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