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SannumKO - SMKO Private Server

Itsa 1299 server, just made so it039s kinda new and such, all working..Bi-frost items coming soon amp much moreEXP RATE - HIGH

SannumKO - SMKO Info:
It039s a v.1299 knight online server, new made so it039s in fact very very new :) 1 GM name GM_Jessi(me) I really need GM039s that know what theire doing so PM me at the server : Nicks GM_Jessi.I don039t want noobies that asks for GM or anything, server is a good start, will get better.Cheat - results in kick/ban - do not break the rules, NP transfer is banable.Events everyday, 3-4 events each day :)Helpful and active GMS , looking for some (I am active)Very very very HIGH exp rate, 50 exp needed for each lvl so it039s fast lvl to 80.Items - All monsters drops almost all you need, as all servers does.Upgrading rate is around 80-90, use trianas for +8-+9.Umm bi frost items and new bosses is coming soon, Hope I039ll see you online, enjoy

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