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Kenwea 1 Private Server Private Server

80/1 experience quot5 min for lvl 80quot, +10 All clas g1 weapon like shard, raptor, giga etc, Bi Frost Item, Walkry Armor, Dupe Fix, Macro Fix, Lunar War Fix, Mage Staff Attack Upgraded, 2.000 user capacity Location CANADA

Kenwea 1 Private Server Info:
kenwea is a 1 knightonline private server30.000 active accountalways minimum 200 online player maximum 9007/24 co-location server at location CANADA5.000 user capacity80/1 experience point+10 all armor and weapon (maradon)+5 all unique item wth rof (maradon)Lunar wardelosmacroshFIXXXXWalkry armor, grypthon armor and etc.We have a 5 difference GM: Korean, USA, Canada, Poland, Brazil and TurkIf y wanna join kenwea Team please send via mail wth your CV: codebrnhotmail

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