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RF QUEST Private Server

Max Lvl 55, Leveling up by Questing Only, All PT/Skills/ Force x100, Animus x150, Autoloot sell, Anti-cheat System, Voteshop active, Events Every 8 Hours. Daily Quest [Solo/Party], New Mobs, New Maps, Custom Combine. Built by the community. Join us now

RF Quest International Server, New Concept Reimagined DONE QUEST LEVEL UP SYSTEM. NEW MAP, CUSTOM CONCEPT AND GREAT PVE/PVP CONTENTNEW PLAYERS EVENT ------------------------------Level 1-51 [Complete Quest Level up]Level 51-56 Semi-Quest [Pot Exp] HuntingExp rate 51-56: 150xPT Rate: 200xAnimus Rate: 300x------------------------------PvE PvP Content Sette DesertNew Map for Level 45-49 Farm SetteFixed PitBoss attack/defense/heal abilityUnused job BuffedFixed MAU BalanceFixed Animus BalanceFixed Siege Kit BalanceUpgrade Rate Standard CCRDisable Upgrader Box------------------------------10+ New Daily Quest 51-55New HDH BD Daily QuestNew Quest NPC Quest NPC SetteDev Corp ProtectionNPC BuffNew Combine SystemDragon Armor CombineArchon Armor CombineOpen Map Cartella 2GameCP Vote Shop ActiveDonation Only Cash Shop item------------------------------NPC HQHunting Points NPC: Leon Box, Portal Ether PB, Elemental Upgrader, Jewelry Box, Dual OD, Capsule Bank, Cremul Potion Net, Concentrated Poison.Golden Point: Scream Horse mask, Legacy Blade, All CS Potion, New Trap 53/55.PvP: Weapon Price 50/53/55 22k/33k/44kDROP LISTHQ, Sette, Settlement: CCR StandardCM: Ore+1/2/3 LazBM Cartella : 51-55 Intense Weapon ArmorBeacon Santa Chooty HQ: T5, Jade PvP, Talic, Gold Capsule.MORE ON DISCORD--------------------------------MORE UPDATED INFO PLEASE JOIN OUR DISCORD CHANNELGroup Facebook : : : rf-quest/gamecp/index.phpDiscord :

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