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Legend Of Mir 2.6: Age Of Aeolian Private Server

Possibly the most unique Mir 2 server available to English players, Aeolian-Mir (High-Rate) is here. Aeolian-Mir are coded by dedicated staff, and are the first people to use the 2.6 files, rivalling the best of Korean servers.So check out the forums

Legend Of Mir 2.6: Age Of Aeolian Info:
[colorred].How Gameplay Works:[/color]Quests/Missions:With quests, there will be 2 categories: Quests and Missions.Quests are simply missions that can be done in a matter of 30mins or a few hours, where as missions will be the servers039 role-playing element039s primary focus and could last for a few days, rewarding the player with stats/experience, depending on their level.With experience rewards and missions, I want it to be balanced with PvE (Player vs Environment) levelling 2 weeks spent doing missions will earn you a similar amount of experience as 2 weeks of fighting in a decent temple.This way, people won039t get bored and won039t have to grind through mindless hours of killing mediocre monsters.PvP:Instead of holding the majority of PvPs in Bichon, there will be a specific province.It will start with an NPC giving a short background story on the PvP province and then ask the player would they like to be teleported to the there. On teleportation inside of the PK Planes infirmary, the player will be leveled to a high level (95-120) and all his/her kit will be taken from him/her and put in their storage. Then they will speak to another NPC inside the infirmary where they will be high-stat given kit, depending on their gender/class.Their will be 2 modes of battle: Exp and Gold:The teleporting NPC will check if you have 100,000+ gold, but will not take any. Because when you are PKd in the PvP province you will lose some of your gold, per PK. The 2nd mode will be experience on kill the player will lose some of their in-world (not PvP province) experience points, nothing huge, but when they start to get killed a few dozen times it will become quite devestating (this also depends on their level).If somebody PKs another character in the PvP province, they are rewarded with whatever mode they chose: experience/gold.If they want to go back, they will return to the infirmary, de-leveled back to their original level, kit removed and teleported to Bichon039s storage where a dialogue box will explain that their original kit is in their storage account.If there is any confusion about this, look down the page (1) for some explanations and further detail.PvE:Aeolian will orientated around Group/Guild PvEs, which is done for a reason. By enforcing the ideology of guild/group PvEs, this will ceate a closer community, allowing people to become more familar with each other, thus bettering their time spent on Aeolian.On First Logging On:After you have chosen your desired class and gender, you will start on your own estate Home. There you will begin as a warrior, having the choice to either complete the quests and earn some experience points, or teleporting straight to Bichon Castle where you will be again changed to your original class.Your Home Estate is where the story begins, a young soldier wanting to break free of their boundaries after the deaths of their older siblings, growing in experience and power as the story progresses.Hosted on two dedicated servers, both SQL and Server Files are seperate, maximizing performance, no lag.---------------------------------After logging in you will begin in Home. This is where each NPC acts differently everytime you see them, you039ll barely hear a repeat (unless no significant progress is made in game for a while).You will then be greeted with an automatic NPC box, explaining that you039ve recieved a letter. This letter will outline a brief introduction to the storyline, it where explain how you are needed 039Home039 by your father as there is some news he must share. The letter was given to you by an old friend of his the NPC standing next you, next to the cart. He will tell you how your father looked ghostly when giving this letter to him, and will tell you he cannot go further than where he is now due to his cart being broken.You make the 30 second journey up the croplands until you reach a fencing, where a gate is leading to your Father039s house.He will then tell you what039s happened (For you to find out).He tells you that you were sent to the Bukai School, where you learnt weaponry, summoning beasts, casting spells, and all the other skills, for a reason. He said what happened, for the letter to be sent was a consequence of an event prophecised for thousands of years, and that you are one of the people who are chosen to oppose this great force by travelling to BichonProvince and attending the Elder039s Meeting.But first, you have to complete a small quest, where you acquire your starter kit and gain a Karma Point.After completing the quest, recieving the needed equipment, speaking to rest of the family, you return to 039Father039 where he will allow you to use the Equishift Stone (teleport).You start at level 1, you should gain to be level 5 by the end of the quest. Also you start as a warrior, whatever your class, but when you are teleported to BichonProvince you are returned to your original decision (wiz/war/tao). You are also level changed to 28, a gift from your family.Branching off:Each class will experience a very different line of gameplay. Taoists for example, will start off with no spells. For you to learn your first spell, SoulFireBall you will need to attend to Elder039s Meeting, where you will also be briefed on what is going on, where the chaos is, who039s leading it, all of that jazz. You will then need to acquire another skill before teleporting anywhere healing.To acquire healing you will need to complete a quest bestowed to you by a disfigured Monk, standing underneath a blossom tree.Then starts your Aeolian experience. Everyone039s experience Aeolian will not be the parallel, it won039t be the same to everyone elses. They039ll be completely unique, as a lot of things are affected by your actions, what you choose/don039t choose to do, your generosity, the time, the day, and a lot more.From then, you can either choose to follow the storyline, or jump straight into the PvP Province (after gaining paying the fees) where you can earn experience/gold for every kill. But after 3 deaths, you are unable to return to the battlefield and are given your reward, original kit, original level, original class.Can039t be bothered to read the above Here039s a brief overview of some features waiting for you:Real-time NPC simulation. Talking, moving NPCs.12 new magic spells in totalCurrently 35-40 new monsters, will be more in the next few daysTwo new ice maps, with ice mobs, dropping ice items.Around about 120 new items added.Ther are about 18 specific kits for each genderKarma Point system fully utilized and operationalThere are about 50 quests fully workingIn-game visual help windows, graphically demonstrating how to play the gameEarn experience and levels by PvE, PvP and QuestsAnd a lot more

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