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ChronicleGamerz Cabal Online EP8 Private Server

Full English Client Based :- Xp Rate : 150x- Skill Rate : 70x- Craft Rate : 35x- Drop Rate : 25x- Bomb Rate : 10x- Alz Rate : 35x- Pet Rate : 35x- War Rate : 25x

ChronicleGamerz Cabal Online EP8 Info:
Server Name:ChronicleGamerz Cabal Online - Resurrection [Reborn]Server RatesExp Rate: -300x-Skill Rate : -300x-Craft Rate : -50xDrop Rate: -50x-Max Drop : --3x-Alz Rate: -50x-Server Reborn StatsAlz required : 100,000,000 x amount of rebornsStats per reborn : 450[Initial] + 100[per reborn] statsReborn at Level : 180Max Reborn : 5Server Name:ChronicleGamerz Cabal Online - Reincarnation [NON-Reborn]Server RatesExp Rate: -300x-Skill Rate : -300x-Craft Rate : -50xDrop Rate: -50x-Max Drop : --3x-Alz Rate: -50x-Specialty of the serverMax Level : 300Server Website : [urlquot][/url]Server Forum : [urlquot][/url]Server Control Panel : [urlquot][/url]Server Register Panel : [urlquot][/url]Server Download Page : [urlquot][/url]Server Voting Section : [urlquot]Voting Link[/url][quote]Information-More channels will be added after players are flooded in the gameWe have opened a forum that are free for all players to post up about the suggestions and improvement of the serverPost a thread,about your suggestions and we will read and discuss regarding it---Costumized Dungeons---The customized dungeons will be added by us of course barehands too,because we don039t have the source code which are ready,so we have to slowly test the dungeons and release it out by the day---Beginner Channel---The beginner channel,monsters are 30 weaker than the usual mobs,exp are reduced by 30 in this channel,so that the players are able to kill bosses and etc.---Hardcore Channel---The hardcore channel,monsters are 30 stronger than the normal mobs of course.Exp are boosted by 30 in this channel due tothe hardcore level of all the monsters.---Leveling Channel---This channel will be added soon as this was the most popular channel in the past,which Desert Scream will be flooded with mass monsters and more.---Event Channel---This event chanenl are like this,the event channel will have a few QUEST npc in the channel which gives quests for them to kil the monsters which drops items/etc which inreturn to get some rare items from the game.---Forcium Drops---There will be forcium drops in the mutant forest and pontus ferrum,these two places are popular and said to have forcium drops.Of course i said that myself,the rates are increased therefore you039ll enjoy the server )---Customized Items---We are going to have much more customized items in the server,which are currently working on such as Sigmetals which were bugged in the server release,therefore we have to fix it ourself with our barehands on coding of course.There will be a mark of CGamerz on the costumes.---Voting Reward System---By voting our server,you are able to receive Vote Points which in the end u can use it to exchange items for it.Our server has a special system,which every month the items on the vote points page will be changed which are available---Long hosted server---The server has been hosted for quite long time,which are from 2006 until the year 2011 right now,we just started once again and running low on players,hope that you039ll join this fun server so that we are able to improve much more.We039re aiming for a 1000 players,so join us now---Events and Various stuff---We039re trying to improve the server by improving the events and various stuff,therefore we will then post every screenshot and updates on every successful events that we had hosted,Join us now---Events Customized Items---The customized items for events such as costumes of CGamerz will be released out to all the players that participated in the event of course.[/quote]Server SpecificationsRAM:32GB ECC Ram 1333Processor Speed: 3.0ghz x8Connection:100mbpsHosting Location:USA Dedicated serverName of Host: XLHOSTWe will try to improve the server right nowPlease leave comments and suggestions regarding the serverOn what we should improveWe will try to think about it and approve to the serverThank you for your support until now ,that cgamerz has been running almost 2 yearsGathered from the previous postPlans that has been decidedAdding Catridges , Shapes , Discs into NPC lvl 1 to lvl 4Fixing EOX+8 drop rate(Wondering why not dropping while its alrd set)Adding Bike to the drop rate for every monsters in the gameSetting up server updating rateAny DC will not cause the game to rollback anymoreNew system of GM management and things will be taken place on this forumThe most important thing is be active in this forum for the full support as well in the gameWe039re trying to improve the management of the serverCrafting Recipe and game guide will be only provided by playersWe will then redirect the players,Any offense against the ChronicleGamerz Team or a player which are being annoyed,There you will receive a warning regarding this,Repeated action will lead you to ban[colorquot000080quot][size5]Please ADD group1025058groupsim for the group help in msn[/size][/color]

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