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CoEmu - Original Project Private Server

Original CoEmu Project Fullworking 24/7 Stable Servers 2 Servers 135 Gear New Features Cheat Protection New Class New Skills New Monsters New Items DayampNight Weather Advanced GW (WOC) Join the biggest P-Server Community

CoEmu - Original Project Info:
Scroll down for ScreenshotsOfficial Website: Official Forum: 2 Servers Online Users: 150 and with the new server soon moreCoEmu Project:Founder: MagicManCurrent Developers: MagicManTimespan: Octobre 2003 - Decembre 2003, Break Decembre 2003 - January 2008, Comeback February 2008Emulator: Initiated Project of MagicMan at 23.10.2003 in C++. It was the first CO Emulator worldwide.Operating System: Platform Independent. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and moreApplications: Account Server.exe (188kb), Game Server.exe (608kb)Source Code Size: Account Server (510kb), Game Server (2039498kb)Database Type: MySql and a possibility to switch to TextfilesSource Code Language: Initial Language was C++. Changed from C++ (February 2008) to C. Only a few code is still in C++Client Version: Newest (good) CO Client (5011)CoEmu v1.XX Features: [b]

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