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Tribal FlyFF Private Server

TribalFlyFF is alive again After a long downtime (Approx. 7months) TribalFlyFF is back again Rates: 250x EXP / 1000x FXP / 1000x Drop / 500x Penya. Come, give TribalFlyFF a try. You won039t regret it.

Tribal FlyFF Info:
Tribal FlyFF is an old FlyFF Server. We039ve got NPC039s that sell Greens and other rarities, such as Rings and Necklaces. Cash shop items aren039t added yet, but you can get them by asking a GM ingame (Preferably [Admin] HolySinX).We039re still working on the Website, if the Site is offline, please contact xXCyberdracheXxhotmail.deThis server is lag free. We host many events, everyday. Open GM Applications.

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