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Clan 123 Private Server

Op 123 USEastWe are a rather new clan, but still growing rapidly. As far as we know, we hold the only official Starcraft league other than WGT. If you play Starcraft and are looking for a clan stop by and fill out an application.

Clan 123 Info:
Op 123 on useast.battleProud user of History Of Clan 123Clan 123 was founded by Raffle. I do not know the details of of the clan was founded because I was not around at that time. I first joined the picture when I was recruited by Mathu. I joined the clan of around 5 - 10 members. The clan was doing well - it had been created recently and was off to a good start. I quickly became the leader of the clan. Mathu was no longer active on Battle, and Raffle wanted to join another clan. Raffle left the clan, leaving me in charge. After a couple of days, Raffle039s new clan rejected him. (He said that he left, but I can only assume this. Things were not going well for him in that clan.) Raffle and I (Money[123]) then decided that we were going to create a Starcraft clan to go down in history. Raffle bought the domain and I quickly set up a website. (At that time, I only knew a little HTML and a little CSS. Since then, I have perfected HTML and CSS, and have learned PHP and some JavaScript/AJAX.) After using a basic site for a little while, I began to learn PHP and started to make a more advanced site. The site advanced until it had most basic functions - members, recruits, shoutbox, etc. At this time, Raffle had decided to stop going on Battle, and Mathu had returned. Raffle was becoming over secure on his servers because of problems with another person, so booted me off of his server. Mathu and I decided to make a new clan - Clan DeFt. Clan DeFt later failed, and Raffle let me back on his server. Since then, has become better and better. My latest update was the introduction of AJAX into the shoutbox. Clan 123 is now opening it039s doors to members willing to play and help the clan.LeadersMoney[123]RaffleColonelsnoneMajorsnoneClan FeaturesStarcraft- Tournaments, with random match-ups and replay submission- Download database of maps and replays- Map processor: extracts the minimap from any uploaded map- Replay processor: extracts statistics from any uploaded replay, such as player names, player colors, apm, and map information- Official Starcraft League, which other than WGT is the only one available (iccup uses their own server).- Custom starcraft server (developing)Crossfire- Crossfire server- Live crossfire statsNexuiz- Nexuiz serverTryout today We are currently looking for C+ or better members.

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