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Legends Private Server

LegendsCO - Leveling server 25x exp. lots workingpatch 5017+ Potency, 2nd reborn, lots of skills worktoughdrills, etc lotto join now

Legends Info:
Legends CO - Leveling server. 25x exp[Main Progress]Account RegisterCharacter RegisterLoginSpawning others to me and myself to othersEquipingTraining GroundsItem Upgrading with Meteor in TCItem Upgrading with DragonBall in TCGem SocketingComposingMobs spawningAttacking mobsLevelingMobs drop items and moneyPortalsNPCs spawnNPcs talkSkills systemPVP system--Super gem effectsAdding sockets with drillsPotencyProf levelingChanging hair typeChanging hair colorChanging equipment colorPlayers can drop items and moneyMobs moveMobs attack playersShops[Skills Working]Cure, Thunder, Tornado, Fire Of , Scatter, Rage, Hercules,Fast Blade, Scent Sword, Cyclone, Pray, Spiritual Healing, Fire Circle(Inferno)and much more

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