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PwnCo Private Server

Staff Spots Open- Good Drops/Exp- Server Release Soon

PwnCo Info:
[b][c] PWN CO [/c[/b[Forum site of the Pwn Co Private Server. It is going to be released sometime in the future. Made off of the source of CoEmu. Staff positions are currently open but I have a feeling they will be going fast. THe server also currently has some commands as a bonus to it. Current Commands:- /Stats str xxxx- /Stats dex xxxx- /Stats vit xxxx- /Stats man xxxx - /level xxx- /give headwear (anny ring itemID)- /give necklace (anny necklace itemID)- /give righthand (anny wapeon itemID (even shield)- /give lefthand (anny wapeon itemID (even bow, glaive)- /give armor (anny armor itemID) - /give boots (anny boot itemID)- /give fulltrojan - /give fullwarrior- /give fullarcher- /give fulltoaist- /heal- /life- /mana - /stamina- /prof xxx lvl- /skill skillname - /Money xxxxxxxxxxxxx- /scroll first 2 city letters- /Job jobnumber

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