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server is close for ever i cant du tha game has very lagg T_______T sry

DemorationknightRAN Information:
[colorxxxxxx]...[/color] laro nakau plssssssss na nmn maganda 2 wak kau mag kalimot sa vote para rumami tau ala tu hamachi walang hamachi guys... guys no lagg sali na kau d2 mababait GM wak nyo lang galitid bund kau 1 day lng pero pag 2 tyms na bund forever hihihihi malupet to mga guyz sana mag laro kau ng mag laro ni2 madali lng mag + d katulad sa iba pag event my bibigay na item with + wee you at the gamelt-- Begin XtremeTop100 code --gtltdiv stylequotwidth: 88px height: 55quotgtlta hrefquot srcquot borderquot0quot altquotserverquot stylequotfloat: left margin-top: -1pxquotgtlt/agtltbar /gtlta hrefquot srcquot borderquot0quot altquotprivate serverquot stylequotfloat: left margin-top: -1pxquotgtlt/agtlt/tdgt lt/divgtlt-- End XtremeTop100 code --gt

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