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Shadows Soma Private Server

New Vote PageDedicated Server - Opened Jan 22nd 2008. 100 + Users at peakHuman Soma leveling rates: 4xDevil Soma leveling rates: 3xCrafting rates: 5xMoral rates: 2xDrop rates: x1 (reason for this)Barr rate: x2

Shadows Soma Info:
Welcome [img]-1.jpg[/img]Shadows of SomaHuman Soma leveling rates: 4xDevil Soma leveling rates: 3xCrafting rates: 5xMoral rates: 2xDrop rates: x1 (reason for this)Barr rate: x2 New FeaturesGem System:the gem system is fully working, Green, yellow, white and blue gems. these are gems that you will get dropped from by monsters, untradeable and very worthwhile indeed.4 shops, scattered around each map. with their own shops, the harder the gems are to find, the better the prize you get. Be sure to check out the shops, they have some juicy gear / upgrades but you will have to earn themBoss mobs:New boss039s, be wary when entering the top end of mercenary swamp, some has a quotsting in their talequot.Hint He wakes up after GDG has been slayedThousand Year Swamp Infection has been cleared up, however it seems a foe has managed to survive, but dont worry im sure you guys will be able to slay him.GDG drops have been massively improved with the addition of new weapons for each class, im sure D3 will prove to be an essential guild hunt necessity.New Armour:Armour of Shadows is the new fashion, with nice defence and an added quotbonusquot. But its not very easy to come by looks at Gem ShopRing of Shadows is the latest piece of bling on the market, again dont expect to get these without having to defeat high level monsters or part lots of gems at the shop.New Mobs:Filling gaps, oh well i guess you shall just have to wait and see, but let me tell you one of these monsters is very quotDustyquotNew Weapons:2 weapons added to fill gaps,A bow between Silver gt Blood bowAn axe between slayer gt Hard cluba new tier of weapons have been added to GDG aswell, the requirements are the same as other weapons in its class, however have much tastier stats. CON is set to 18, 3 con quests will take u up to 22 con, be sure to speak to HARO under neath TYT fountain to get themThis server is free - Opened to donations.-------------------Shadows Home : Forum : Ranks [url,com_wrapper/Itemid,52/]Ranks Page[/url]COnnecting The server opened tuesday 22nd - We have over 400 + usercount at peak times.Heres some random screenshots for those that havent played yetCharacter View Ingame[img][/img]I have been limited to screenies : Heres a favourite [IMG][/IMG]A new skinned mob : [IMG][/IMG]We currently are working with some WOW converters, for those that played soma befor will see a new lookDedicated Server Specs :Server Specs:Wow SKins To Be added soonPentium 2.6 quad core2Gb Ram250GB Hard Drive100.0mbit connection(100 mb up/download speeds)

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