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Imperial Omega Guard!

Imperial Omega Guard
Imperial Omega guard is a PA in pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies. Allied with the Galactic Empire IOG wishes to help the cause to rid the galaxy of the rebel scum.

Imperial Omega Guard Information:
JoiningIf you wish to join IOG then simply go onto the our website, then to our forums and post in the join forum. Your thread will then replied to by an admin to say wether you will be allowed to join or not.The history of IOG.The Imperial Omega Guard was originally created by High General Starkev before Star Wars Galaxies had been publically released. Shortly after released to help increase guild members IOG merged with Imperial Coalition, after this merger IOG began to prosper under the leadership of Starkev. This lasted for several months until Starkev became inactive and a new leader was assigned. Jasen Boshuu, shortly after Jasen took over IOG they joined with GOTH to create a city on naboo called Thedoras this became quite a large city with an imperial base just outside.Unfortunatly nearly a year later guild members started to cancel their accounts due to SOE begining to distory all the things that were good about SWG. Due to this Jasen cancelled his account and IOG became stagnant without a leader the guild no longer actively recruited so slowly reduced in numbers.Until now, as you read this page IOG is actively recruiting members again for when an emulator is released that allows us to play preCombat Upgrade SWG IOG will set out again to create its own city and establish itself again in the Galaxy.So why not go onto our forums and see if you too are interested in signing up to become part of the IOG and help rid the galaxy of the rebel scum

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