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Tycoon Online Private Server

In this multiplayer strategy game, players compete for the top ranking using factories, shops, offices, a stock market and vehicles. Rounds last 70 days and it is not pay-to-win, which gives everyone a chance to be the best business tycoon. Lets get down to business

Tycoon Online Info:
Begin your company with meager savings and grow it into a world class business during rounds which last for 70 days. A variety of business strategies can be utilized to work your way to becoming the top business tycoon. Construct buildings to produce products which can then be sold in shops or on the open market. Hire and fire employees to create a team or outstanding workers. Purchase and manage a vehicle fleet to move goods between cities for a boost to company value. The main goal of this business game is to rise to the top of the company ranking. There is also a separate stock ranking to compete against other players with your stock market expertise. To improve your stock ranking, players can buy and sell stock for a profit, or receive dividends from other companies. This business strategy game is mobile friendly, has a friendly community, and is not pay-to-win. Players can spend as little as a few minutes a day, or much longer, in the quest to become the best. Sign up today, you wont be disappointed.

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