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Wii Talk Private Server

An interactive forum site for anyone and everyone with an Nintendo Wii or an DS. Touraments, challanges, gym leaders, forum money, awards, and more await you at Wii Talk. All you need to do be a part of this fun is regester for free and you039re in.

Wii Talk Info:
Wii Talk is a Forum site full of many features that both Nintendo Wii owners and Nintendo DS owners will enjoy.Touraments and Challanges Members of Wii Talk can exchange friend codes with each other to play their favorite Nintendo Games through Nintendo Wi Fi. We also organize Touraments for popluar Wii and DS games as well as challanges. In challanges you have to pull of something that you would normally never try to do other-wise. Like battle a team of Legendary Poke039mon without using any Legendary Poke039mon yourself. Or earn the most coins in Super Mario Galaxy. Your prize for completing these challanges and touraments are awards and Gammer Points. The more gammer points you have the more impressive of a Gammer Title you039ll have. Awards are also awarded to people who can beat our Wi Talk Poke039mon Gyms or simply by being a good member on Wii Talk.Wi Fi Poke039mon Gyms In our Wi Talk (aka Wi Fi) Poke039mon Gyms you can challange the Gym Leaders of the site to a gym battle if you manage to beat the gym leader by following their Gym Rules you will earn your own gym badge award that will be in your profile for all to see. Nintendo Discussion and other Friend Code Features We can discuss our favorite games in Dissusion Topics. Our current games of focus are Mario Kart DS, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, the Poke039mon games, Animal Crossing DS, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. However as our site grows so will the games that will feature Friend Codes, challanges, toraments, and more. We are also devolping forum coins which you can use to by neat features like specailly designed sigantures for your profile, special Miis, and more. The number of possiblities at Wii Talk are endless as we continue to grow and expand. So check out the site now and see for yourself all of the possiblities of Wii Talk.

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