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Wololo is back at it again and this time he delivers a fix for VHBL for Super Collapse 3. This takes us up to revision 150. Wololo says that the latest updated fixed some issues where snes9xTYL and Lamecraft were crashing. However, be warned that there are still some things he is working on fixing. The Duke3d engine and Daedalus are still crashing. Wololo also mentioned that Geometry War Portable is crashing at the startup and Picodrive is also experiencing issues. But the way wololo works I wouldn039t be surprised if we see some fixes for these issues in the near future too.As an added little bonus wololo wanted to let anyone who wasn039t aware that quot if you press start and select simultaneously while in a homebrew, you will be taken back to the VHBL menu. This is useful for games that don

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