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D2 Maniacs - The private D2 MOD mania!

D2 Maniacs - The private D2 MOD mania
Play multiple Diablo2 MODs in a friendly community. Online since Jan/2002. Current playable MODs: Reign of Shadow, SnEj, Median XL. No cheats, no 3Party tools and no PK allowed. No money begging. NEW D2SE MOD Manager. See more in the details.

D2 Maniacs - The private D2 MOD mania Information:
At D2-Maniacs you have the possibility to play the most interesting Diablo2 MODs (modifications) in a friendly community.
--NEW Median XL-Ultimative--
A modefication from Median XL 2012 made by MarcoNecroX
--NEW D2SE MODmanager--
play and Install multiple mods and patches very easy and only with one Diablo installation.
Our current playable MODs are: SnEj made by Seltsamuel (easy installer, D2 1.11b based), with 1024768 screen and lot more, Median XL-Ultimative made by MarcoNecroX, Median XL 2012 made by Brother Laz (D2 1.12/1.13c based and new skill trees, many new recipes) and Reign of Shadow made by Surtur (the potato MOD), always update version, because personal Support from the MODers, but no vanilla Diablo2 We are 99.9 online since Jan/2002 and try to keep the realms cheat free, dont allow any 3Party tools, nor chicken-hearted PK (Player Kill) You can play all MODs with one login-account (sure you have to install the MOD), and you can make up to 18 characters in each Realm (MOD).We only support legit players.There is no money begging or any non-donator restrictions.Simply try it - We hope you ll enjoy it

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