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Enfo039s Team Survival: MT Edition Private Server

Home of Enfo039s Team Survival: MT Edition. The best ETS map on battle

Enfo039s Team Survival: MT Edition Info:
Enfo039s Team Survival: MT Edition is, according to Blizzard, the best ETS mod on battle.The map has more than 3 years of hard work to bring you the perfect balance of all elements, including hero spells, game mechanics and more.The main effort of MT Team is to keep the version balanced, so people can freely play it without having to host All Random games, or having to play another version because of a balance flaw. Our concern is always to keep the game balanced, and not adding tons of stuff like most maps do.From begginers to pros, all players can play ETS:MT without having to worry about being killed by a cheap strategy using a cheater hero. I mean it.We have a fast growing community of players that are so concerned about the game as we are, and keep suggesting new elements for the game, reporting bugs, and pointing how we can make the game even better.Want to join the community and be part of ETS:MT development Feel free to enter now

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