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HEAVEN Cabal Online Private Server

HEAVEN.LV Presents Cabal Online Server Two seperate planets Mercury - EXP 40x, Drop 3x, Alz 5x Jupiter - EXP 200x, Drop 3x, Alz 8x Reward system 24/7 Dedicated

HEAVEN Cabal Online Info:
HEAVEN.LV is proudly presening Cabal Online server. Server has been successfully configured for best and balanced gameplay. Register and check all presented futures in server and also in web-page.Server name: HEAVEN Cabal OnlineTwo seperate planetsMERCURY:-Experience: 40x-Item drop: 3x-Alz bomb: 5xJUPITER:-Experience: 200x-Item drop: 3x-Alz bomb: 8xPoints per level: 5Maximum level: 170Reset level: 170Reset method: statpoint reset, gain bonus points each resetReset payment: 100.000.000 Alz

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