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Aion Universe (2.7 server ) Private Server

Join the unique server that is like retail, find new friends and rivals, on Aion Universe Full Support 2.7, New Wings, Armor sets, Weapons, Pets, Weapons amp Armor Upgrade System , Donation system, Free Teamspeak for all users, Kinah Exchange for Donation points, Rewards for voting and donating

Aion Universe (2.7 server ) Info:
Welcome to the realm of fantasy and roleplay, where you will be face vicious monsters, magic, adventures and ultimately each other. Fight for leadership, power, and glory. Rest at home in the world of the Aion Universe.You want to level up quickly and compete with others in exciting battles and duels and do you want to know Atreia to the last detailThen Aion Universe server is just the right thing Join our great community to find new friends or colleagues on Aion Universe 2.5 server

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