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RAGENET FPS Server Private Server

Server updates in progress: OA 070 : UT2004 : MU Online

RAGENET FPS Server Info:
Thank you for looking into Unknown Skies. We are a gaming community that focuses on hosting games for our community that we can play together. Please come in and check us out We host right now: Empyrion [2 Servers], Ark [6 Servers], Mu Online, FEAR Multiplayer, Rust on occasions, and MineCraft.There are some good benefits to joining our community:Donations pay for physical servers, hardware upgrades, custom modifications, and professional administration staff. You know for sure your donations get put to good usePhysical servers host each game. No games are shared on a virtual host with other services.Another server can be added to the cluster at any time with a donation drive. ALL proceeds go to buying a server, and or upgrading one specifically to host a certain game.We will never put an ad on our website, or in any of our servers. This group is meant to support a gaming community, not drive big business revenue.Monthly meetings where you, the player, get to voice your opinion about ongoing issues.3 Year old community that aims to be around forever. We do not just want you to like it here, we want you to LOVE it.Polls and voting decides the setting for each server.Built in ticket tracking, discord integrated into the community, and administrators here full time to help you with in game problems via discord voice or direct messages.Family atmosphere with rules in place where necessary to keep kids safe Contact Chilimeat for access to Family friendly Private Servers.

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