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Redmoon Classic Private Server

Redmoon Classic is the most popular Redmoon server with the largest community. We

Redmoon Classic Info:
039Redmoon039 is a Space Fantasy Online Role Playing Game.Far from Earth, in the distant depths of space, a star saw the strength of man039s inner spirit grow on the planet Signus. Among this advanced race of beings, a small number of individuals rose to power through the development of psychic skills that allowed them to communicate telepathically and even teleport across the vast reaches of space. But long ago a prophet had foretold that with power comes pride, out of which would grow evil. And so, it was Aguilas who brought a reign of tyranny and terror to Signus. With their planet standing in ruins, the people prayed for a savior who could free them from his rule. They hoped for the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy that, from the fires of devastation, a hero, the true 039Sun039, would come to save them. And so, Aguilas feared this quotSunquot...039Redmoon039 introduces you to a vast adventure.The future of Signus is tied to the Earth over time and space. It is now your turn to live out this story, traveling from present-day urban Earth through deserts and mountains, and eventually out across space to war-devastated Signus. Do you have the courage and strength of will to grow beyond a pale red moon and become the one true quotSunquot, bringing life and hope to a barren land039Redmoon039 establishes a unique type of on-line game.Travel from the diverse plains of Earth to the fantastical world of Signus where you039ll encounter monsters and foes beyond your imagination. You can choose from 9 different characters based on the comic book and select from over 18 different psychic abilities, a huge mix of weapons that include swords, bows, and grenades. Combat spans the spectrum of psychic, conventional, and martial arts-style fighting.

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