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Mir Revenge Legend of mir 2 server Private Server

Mir Revenge is the biggest legend of mir server of its time With a record of 304 players online at any one time. Now with 4 servers to choice from, high, med and low rate, and a mir 3 server. Come have a look

Mir Revenge Legend of mir 2 server Info:
Legend Of Mir - The Three Heroes is a massive online multiplayer role-playing game based in a mysterious Oriental-style world.In The Legend of Mir you can be a powerful warrior and develop your ability in close combat,A skilled wizard with a whole set of spells, or a mystic Taoist provided with inner spiritual powers. The 2d interface makes getting into the game very simple and uses the latest open source softwaredeveloped by the death. Mir Revenge is able to offer you feature039s such as:-In game mail system.Trust Merchant - In-game sales system.Marriage system - Marry the one you love and recall them to your rescue.Master and servant system - Allows the master to recall his/her servant anywhere in game.Orb and gemming system - Allows you to upgrade your items.Guilds - (and like every online game) guild wars.Pets - rent pets to aid you in levelling.Multi stats item - Items which change with your level or you class.With 27 times more experience than the official European Mir server, Mir Revenge server brings you fun on a grand scale. Offering more quests than any other Legend of Mir Server, weekly events, unique item039s, unique bossesand maps, the fun will never end.You may have played other servers in the past, servers which die off due to lack of players, lack of variety and things to do and mostly due tolack of SUPPORT.Mir Revenge server, however, offers excellent support with forum based chat, real time chat via MSN, in game chat and email support. Any bugs, no matter how big or small, get looked at as soon we are made aware of them.There are many Legend of Mir servers out there. Most of these are running older versions of the server. These servers are great and offer many unique features. BUT the people who run these servers are not prepared to upgrade their servers,meaning that you will not be able to benefit fromeverything that the European Legend of Mir offersyou. Mir Revenge will endeavour to bring you the latest European updates as and when they are released, without you losing your charactersor items. Of course you will always benefitfrom the unique updates that Mir Revenge bring you.Best of all it is totally free.

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