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ChaosHour MS!

ChaosHour MS
Registrations are open every Saturday, all day Rates EXP: 40x Drop: 40x Meso: 40x We039ve got Guilds, PQs, Cash Shop, Gachapon, cosmetics NPCs, and so much more Join Now

ChaosHour MS Information:
is the oldest MapleStory private server out. We039ve been here ever since Evo was a fake. is here to provide you with a gaming experience like no other server can provide. We have custom NPCs, custom events, and so much more to offer. We plan to branch out into a network of private servers for everybody to enjoy. Besides our private servers we can offer a great, active community. ChaosHour MS is the oldest private server out and one of the most experienced. With our very friendly GMs, frequent events, and constant updates, you can039t get a better private server. Our MapleStory private server runs on Odin039s source. We have Guilds, Party Quests, Cosmetics NPCs, Gachapon, and so much more

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