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UNK SayUNKLE Private Server

SayUNKLE Computer and Gaming Services. Unreal Downloads, Tech support and PC gaming news.

Home of the UNK clan. Founded in early 2005, UNK specializes in UT2004 and UT3 mutated gameplay. Akimbo (Dual weapons) mayhem style of gameplay is what we crave. Mainly playing the Onslaught and Warfare gametypes, we do venture to other gametypes occasionally as well as stock UT gaming action. No cheating, solid teamplay and lots of fun is what UNK is founded on. We are always recruiting solid teamplayers that are like minded in loving mutated gameplay. Tactical and fast paced is the heart of our Last Call 4 Xtreme GAMERZ ONSlaught server. ( ) We also currently have 3 mutated UT3 servers. Warfare, VCTF and one server that play ALL gametypes and all mutated :) SayUNKLEUNK, 8000, 7787 We offer around 40 custom UNK ONS maps and currently 10 Warfare UNK maps with more being created all the time. Our forums are very active with around 200 current members.Rules of server: NO SPAWN KILLING, NO CHEATING, AIMBOTS, TCC, or ABUSIVE LANGUAGE etc... Noobs are welcome and everyone is guarenteed heart pounding action in a fun and fair atmosphere. ya there

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