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Bulfleet Private Server

Bulfleet is a RTS space strategy game, based on the well-known classic development of a planet and its buildings, ships, researches and many other stuff. With a main goal of destroying the enemy, you can go deep in the world of Bulfleet, make an alliance and rule the galaxy.

Bulfleet Info:
Bulfleet is a browser-based, online space strategy game, firstly based on the Starwars storyline, but then evolved to a new stage of authority. When you are involved in the web of Bulfleet for first time, you are about to choose a race. The game offers you 4 races, which gives different bonuses and has an unique spaceship, wherewith you can either fight, pirate or recycle debris fields, faster, better or stronger.Afterwards comes your real challenge - how to develop the starting buildings, which should be your first researches and when exactly to start building ships and make your first flights.In Universe 1, the acceleration is highly speeded and in the most of the cases you are starting with some buildings already developed. The main goal is making a Tournament universe, where, by playing a short time round you are able to recieve a reward, which can be used in another universe.

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