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Warcraft 3 Maps Private Server

Your best resource for maps, mods, patches and Replays Big Mapdatabase with 1000 of warcraft 3 funmaps New: You can download mappacks with over 100MB (300 maps)

Warcraft 3 Maps Info:
Warcraft 3 Maps- Download over 2000 Maps for Warcraft 3 wc3-maps- Browse through 10 different Map categories- Download over 300 Maps with only one click- Search Maps in the Database (2500 Maps online)Warcraft 3 Tools- Download many different useful Tools- Get information to maphackWarcraft 3 Replays- Download only the best Warcraft 3 replaysWarcraft 3 Community- Join the community and get access to all forums- post comments and rate downloads- write anything in the guestbook............e and check out Warcraft 3.

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