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Tides Of War DAoC Server Private Server

Tides Of War Battlegrounds offer a intense questing/Pve/Rvr environment, including Unique OTD039s and crafting drops as well as numerous epic like encounters geared towards rvr groups of the battleground039s level.

Tides Of War DAoC Server Info:
Welcome to World of DivergenceWe are a newly released server, it039s still a bit unpopulated but the more of you people will wait, the more will come So it all depends on you my friendThe server stats are as following:-Max. level cap of 86.-To Come Epic Story Line Quest-Starter gear included.-3 Malls included-Teleport book included (Mobile teleporting, removing ressurection sickness amp improving weapon skills)-80x exp rate (By kill) 100x exp rate (By quest) 20x exp rate (By discovering)-Custom T11 set039s made for each specific class-3 level 86 Customized instances with questsHost specifications:Intel Duel-Core 2.9GHz4GB DDR22x250GB SCSI HD100MB Dedicated ConnectionTo visit our server, simply visit the above listed internet adresses://patriothosting.org/wod/register.php (Our registerpage, it039s easy but it works 100)We don039t have any staff at the right moment, so we are still recruiting Check our Team amp Contact page () if you want to apply for a spotWith very kind regards,KevinServer administrator

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