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Crimson Moon Vampire Werewolf Game!

Crimson Moon Vampire Werewolf Game
Free Online Vampire amp Werewolf game playable on 2 servers each offering a unique playing experience. Tournaments, PvP, Creature Battles, Clans, Chats, Forums, Clan Battles and much more Join today it039s free

Crimson Moon Vampire Werewolf Game Information:
Crimson MoonA war has raged on for many years between the Vampires and Werewolves. Things changed one day as a new Hybrid race was created and a new battle for total domination begin.Join the world of Melania today and find you inner calling whatever that may be.Crimson Moon features 3 servers offering a different playing experience.Whether you are trying to become to strongest or just was to hang out you can do all of this in Crimson Moon.Crimson Moon features many areas to explore and fun to be be had.The game includes it039s own economy based on the various markets.Crimson Moon is owned and operated by Crimson Productions, LLC.What are you waiting for Join the battle today and show them you bow before none

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