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Itsacon039s Log Private Server

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Itsacon039s Log Info:
Welcome to Itsacon039s Log. This place is home to three sites:Itsacon039s Log itself. A collection of stuff I like, stuff I do, stuff I have.The CAD Clan Pages. The home of the CAD gaming clan. Shimmering Gate, my Otherland site.This site is still largely under construction, so don039t be shocked when stuffdoesn039t work.The NameCAD, or Control-Alt-Delete, is of course pretty obvious. All members of the Clan are Programmers, and as such have a sufficiently sceptic view of the operating system that made this key-combination famous.A second, less known source for the name, is quotWeird Alquot Yankovic039s song It039s all about the Pentiums, which contains the line: Play me online Well, you know that I039ll beat you. If I ever meet you I039ll control-alt-delete you.We thought that a great motto.

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