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ArcaDoom WOTLK!

ArcaDoom WOTLK
A nostalgic experience of the Wrath of the Lich King This server is committed to the leveling adventure, dungeons and end game content. We dont aim to be the biggest, but we want to build a community of friends to enjoy the game together Blizzlike settings, Join our Discord

ArcaDoom WOTLK Information:
Server was started in March of 2020. We are looking to form a community of friends to enjoy Wrath Of The Lich King together. We are not aiming to be the biggest, but a place to go to find like minded nostalgic adventure minded people. The server currently has both factions covered with a guild each of which we plan to rotate game play throughevery week. You are free to join the server and create a guild of your own with or make new friends The server itself undergoes weekly maintenance every Monday, of which generally doesnt take very long, so down time is minimum. Everything about the realm is as blizzlike as it can get, No XP multipliers. but if you find that you would like toskip the leveling aspect and go straight into raiding, you can message staff on the forums and request a level boost and get right into the action.

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