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Olympus Rohan!

Olympus Rohan
Max Level 120 S3 Fully Working Pve/PvpEXP Rate : x30DropRate : Medium rateCrone Rate : Medium rateMain Area: GH with all NpcHunter Kit Active10 seconds pet Cooldown

Olympus Rohan Information:
Server information:Max Level 120 S3 Fully Working Pve/PvpEXP Rate : x30Drop Rate : Medium rateCrne Rate : Medium rateMain Area : GH with all NpcHunter Kit ActiveAuto Ip Ticket ConsumeWeapons,armour,shields and accessories from crafting and questsNo more forgingArmors with complete stats.Unique gameplay style.No OP RingsRings stats base STR/DEX/VIT/PSY/INTReworked Petsseconds pet CooldownMass stats ActiveAnticrash/AntihackNew Armors ShieldMax Booster rate +16Max Reinforce Rate +16Quests for donation itemsTSB weekly saturday at 20:00 UTC-08:00 Pacific Time US Canada Max 36 Players in every GuildBooster Rate1 to + 4 [100]4 to + 7 [75]7 to +10 [65]10 to +12 [35]12 to +14 [25]14 to +15 [15]15 to +16 [15]----------------------------------------------Forging Rate :Rare : 85Unique : 65Ancient : 45---------------------------------------------Starting gears----------------------------------------------Leveling Rewards----------------------------------------------Daily and unique QuestsQuests starting from lvl 30New Crafting StyleArmors/weapons/accesories and shields can be craftedDeffault bosses location----------------------------------------------Website : :

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