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Furious Wars: The Ultimate Wargame !

Furious Wars: The Ultimate Wargame
FURIOUS WARS - Universe Unity X 300.000 - More than 700 players. Catch-up With our Quickstart Bonus, Youll get straight up to the top 25 and be ready to play with long time players. Real Strategy game. Come and test a real supported game with many features competitors dont have ENGLISH...

Furious Wars: The Ultimate Wargame Information:
No other game offers so many unique features with one only aim : to keep the community alive and bring on many more players. We have developped Qucikstart Bonus and Second chance bonuses so new players can jump up to top 30 and defeated players can have more chances to take revenge instead of quitting Come and see by yourself.More than 400 players and new ones each day - Jeu francais mais English Support

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